Tbilisi – Prometheus Cave – Okatse Canyon

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On this day we are going to transfer you to another city, Kutaisi that is the second largest city after Tbilisi. The way from Tbilisi to Kutaisi takes about 3 hours, as we arrive we are going to check you in the hotel and after lunch we will start to explore the near surroundings of Kutaisi. The first place which we are going to discover is Prometheus cave complex. Prometheus cave is one of the longest and unique cave systems united by one underground river. The total length is 11km, of which 1060m are open for visitors to explore. The cave contains 22 halls of which 6 are open to visit for tourists. As soon as finish discovering this marvelous cave we will transfer you to the next fabulous place, which is Okatse Canyon. Okatse is an attractive place to visit and is appreciated for its natural beauty, amazing waterfalls, and outstanding views. In this area you can also find natural stone bridges on the river and caves right in the canyon. After the sightseeing and enjoying the beauty of its nature we will transfer you back to your hotel.


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