Rtveli – a harvest festival of grapes.

  • Rtveli – a harvest festival of grapes.
  • Rtveli – a harvest festival of grapes.2
  • Rtveli – a harvest festival of grapes.55
  • Rtveli – a harvest festival of grapes.56
  • Rtveli – a harvest festival of grapes.67
  • Rtveli – a harvest festival of grapes.678

The culmination of all events in Georgia is the celebration of the Harvest – Rtveli.

They say in Georgia: “If you were not on Rtveli, you were not in Georgia”. And this is most likely true, since wine in Georgia has always had its own special cult, it is worshiped, it is idolized, it is grown with warmth and care.

During Rtveli, all of Georgia celebrates, have fun. And you too can join us. You will be able to spend an unforgettable day in Kakheti, after which Georgia will live in your heart forever!

Together we go to the homeland of Georgian wine, to Kakheti. Let’s stop in the beautiful City of love – Sighnaghi, the most romantic and beautiful city of Georgia. Old houses, cobbled streets and quiet measured rural life are an ideal place for a couple of lovers. You will be able to see the most beautiful places and of course climb the ancient defensive wall, which offers stunning views of the Alazani Valley.

And after, a private winery will be waiting for you. You will pick sunny grapes and put them in a basket, crush these berries just as it has been done for centuries in a row!

Just think, with your own hands, under the guidance of the hospitable hosts, you will cook khachapuri, khinkali, learn how to bake bread in a Tone, and even churchkhela you will make with your own hands too!

“Cherry on the cake” of the holiday will be that only you will have the opportunity to taste wine from kvevri.

After such a busy day, according to tradition, a real feast with Tamada and amazing Georgian polyphony is supposed to be, the artists in their national costumes from the famous Georgian ensemble will sing specially for you, Georgians love dancing and will always make you a company with pleasure!



$ 100 for 1 person.

Our guides speak Russian, English and German.


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