Prometheus Cave and Martvili Canyon

  • Prometheus Cave and Martvili Canyon
  • Prometheus Cave and Martvili Canyon2
  • Prometheus Cave and Martvili Canyon3
  • Prometheus Cave and Martvili Canyon4
  • Prometheus Cave and Martvili Canyon6

On this day we have an incredibly enjoying trip to one of the most famous destinations in the west part of Georgia, these are Prometheus Cave and Martvili Canyon, located near to Kutaisi.

On this day we will visit Prometheus Cave. Here, we will have a chance to make an incredible walk, surrounded by spectacular neon-lit. There is also a possibility to take a boat tour on one of the underground rivers. As we finish exploring this incredible area, we will take our way to the next destination that is Martvili.

In Martvili we will have a chance to make a boat trip in the fantastic deep green color river. Taking walking or boat tours at Martvili Canyon, you can explore the Dadianis’ summer residence, mountain river gorge, natural limestone bridges, overview platforms, and waterfalls.

At the end of the fantastic day we will depart back to Tbilisi.


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