Kutaisi to Tbilisi 4 daystrip

  • Kutaisi to Tbilisi 4 daystrip
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Day 1

Free day in Kutaisi

On the first day in Kutaisi, we will pick you up fro

m the airport and take to the hotel to accommodate.

Free day in Kutaisi

Or you can choose one of our daily tours or activities. But, you can also ask us about any idea that comes to your mind, which you would like to realize in Georgia and we would be ready to accomplish any of your wishes.


Day 2

Kutaisi city tour – Prometheus Cave – Okatse Canyon

On this day we are going to organize Kutaisi city tour we will visit Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati monastery. As we finish with sightseeing in Kutaisi, we will drive you to Prometheus Cave. Here, we will have a chance to make an incredible walk, surrounded by spectacular neon-lit. There is also a possibility to take a boat tour on one of the underground rivers. As we finish exploring this incredible area, we will take our way to the next destination that is Okatse Canyon. Here we can make a picnic in a really fantastic place surrounded by a magnificent view. After an enjoyable tour, we are back to the hotel in Kutaisi.

What you will see:

1st place

Bagrati Cathedral was built in the 11th century by the first king of united Georgia.

2nd place

Gelati monastery, which used to be a center of science and education has been a Listed Monument of National Significance. Founded in 1106 in the west of Georgia, the Monastery of Gelati is a masterpiece of the Golden Age of medieval Georgia

3rd place

Prometheus Cave is a unique cave system united by one underground river. The total length is 11 km, of which 1060m are open for visitors to explore. Prometheus Cave is one of the largest in the world, which has many underground rivers.

4th place

Okatse Canyon is a recently adapted natural place for tourists. Okatse is attracting a lot of tourists with its natural beauty, fantastic wild nature, amazing waterfalls, and breathtaking views.


Day 3

Chiatura-Katskhi Pillar

On this day we will pick you up from the hotel and take to Chiatura, here we will visit Mgvimevi Monastery located close to the village. As we finish exploring Chiatura we will have lunch after that we will go to limestone Katskhi Pillar. It will be our last stop after that we depart back to our hotels in Kutaisi.

What you will see:

1st place

Chiatura is a small town located in Northwest Georgia and is popular as a mine site, projecting from the Soviet times. But, the main reason why Chiatura is a visited place by tourists is the old cable car that counts more than 60 years, which makes it the oldest cable car in Georgia.

2nd place

Mgvimevi Monastery located close to the village is a double nave church built in the 8th century.

3rd place

Katskhi Pillar, which is a unique natural limestone monolith is located in western Georgia, near to Chiatura town. On the pillar that heights 40 meters is located an impressive cliff church. The church is considered to be one of the most bizarre looking churches in the world.


Day 4

Departure day

Driving to the airport by the time of your flight.


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