1 day tour in Kakheti

  • 1 day tour in Kakheti
  • 1 day tour in Kakheti2
  • 1 day tour in Kakheti3
  • 1 day tour in Kakheti5
  • Rtveli – a harvest festival of grapes.
  • Rtveli – a harvest festival of grapes.2
  • Rtveli – a harvest festival of grapes.55

Oooooh, one name of this region of Georgia immediately draws magnificent views of the Alazani Valley in a head, various bouquets of wines that matured in the sunny valley. Furthermore, the fingers squeeze the unpolished hilt of the scoop, which sinks into the dark hole of the kvevri, immured and stored for several years, the aroma of wine flies apart and does not beat in the nose, but seems to envelop its wonderful aroma.

It has long been known that winemaking in Georgia has more than 8,000 years history, even the French officially recognized that Georgia is the cradle and birthplace of wine.

Kakheti – the edge of the sun, wine and love. Nikala Pirosmani was born in this part of Georgia, yes, yes, the one who “sold his shelter and bought with all the money a million – a million scarlet roses”. In Sighnaghi is opened a museum of the greatest Georgian artist who lived his life in poverty and painted his masterpieces for food. It is a pity that the world fame and recognition of creativity came after his death.

A small, cozy and romantic Sighnaghi (translated from Turkish as “impregnable fortress”) will warmly treat  the guest and show viewing platforms, the Church of St. George, a fountain with kvevri and a deer.

The national shrine – the tomb of St. Nino, one of the most revered saints in Georgia, is located on the territory of the existing convent in Bodbe. There is a belief that she heals mental and physical ailments, because of this, pilgrims from all over the world come to her. A daily service is held at the grave of St. Nino for the peace and well-being of Georgia and the whole Orthodox world. This is a very beautiful place, on a huge area, where are gardens; well-groomed lawns, church buildings, farms; vineyards and a healing spring.

This is not even an excursion, but a walk through the milestones of history. There is a huge tree in Telavi – a plane tree, which is more than 900 years old, under the crown of this tree in the film “Mimino”, a policeman demanded the right of Valiko. Remember?) The trunk of the tree itself will be able to embrace a dozen people.

The Alexander Chavchavadze museum in Tsinandali is a well-known and symbolic place. This place had visited by people of art, thinkers, and progressive statesmen. Great Russian poets were acquainted with Alexander Chavchavadze – Griboedov,  Pushkin,  Lermontov.

It is impossible to leave Kakheti without having lunch in a fantastic restaurant in the city. Local Kakhetian dishes, which can be accessed only here, are sure to be on the menu. Hospitable hosts will offer real Georgian-style tasting with degustation of white and red wine and chacha.

The cost of the tour does not include:

– cost of entrance tickets to museums

– The cost of lunch

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